Journal of Palestinian Christianity

Our new peer-reviewed journal is seeking contributions on Palestinian Christianity. The journal explores the unique dynamics of Palestinian Christian communities throughout history and the present day. We welcome articles from a variety of fields ranging from theology and religious studies to anthropology, sociology, political science, history and culture. Likewise, we welcome contributors from all Christian and religious/secular backgrounds, in both historical Palestine and abroad.

Articles can be written in either Arabic or English, and after a full peer review process will be translated into the other language by the editorial team. A conference will be organised to celebrate the published articles and to generate dialogue around them. Potential themes may include, but are not limited to:

History and Heritage; Ecumenical relations; Christian-Muslim relations; Christian-Jewish relations; Identity and belonging; Sacred space; Worship and practice; Biblical/textual engagement; Palestinian contextual and liberation theology; Migration and transnational relations; Clergy-laity relations; Political legacy and engagement; Law; Literature and the arts; Popular culture; Church history; Arab Christianity in Palestine.


Advisory Committee

• Dr. Willie James Jennings, Yale University
• Dr. Sarah Irving, Staffordshire University
• Prof. Gary M. Burge, Calvin Theological Seminary
• Dr. Michael G. Azar, the University of Scranton
• Dr. Elizabeth Marteijn, University of Edinburgh
• Dr. David Neuhaus, Latin Catholic Patriarchate and Bethlehem University
• Prof. Salim Munayer, Bethlehem Bible College and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
• Dr. Niveen Sarras, Immanuel Lutheran Church of Wausau
• Dr. Ulrich Duchrow, University of Heidelberg/Germany
• Dr. Awad Halabi, Wright State University
• Dr. Sary Zananiri, Honorary Research Fellow at the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens


Editorial Committee

• Dr. Munther Issac, Bethlehem Bible College
• Yousef AlKhouri, PhD candidate, Bethlehem Bible College
• John S. Munayer, Bethlehem Bible College



Palestinian Christians have played an integral part in both Palestinian society and World Christianity. In some circles, Palestinian Christian thinkers have been extremely influential in their research, writing and activism. However, most academic publications by Palestinian Christians or on Palestinian Christians/Christianity have been in English and targeted Western readers. Until today, there is no peer-reviewed journal in the world which specialises in Palestinian Christianity and Christians in Arabic or English.

As a result, Palestinian scholars interested in academic research and writing concerning Palestinian Christianity have been forced to submit papers at Western academic journals and conferences. Due to their specific interests, the availability and space for such research has limited the number of writings. This of course has also limited the publications in Arabic for the local communities in Palestine and the Middle East at large. Likewise, the sensitivities concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the liberative nature of Palestinian writings have closed numerous academic opportunities for Palestinian academics, and indeed for non-Palestinians who write in a similar manner.

For this reason, the Journal of Palestinian Christianity aims to answer the needs listed above. Through the establishment of an academic and peer-reviewed journal, Palestinian, Arab and international scholars from all over the world will be able to research, write and engage with one another on issues relating to Palestinian Christianity. As such, the journal will host writings in both Arabic and English, and translate the articles from one language to the other, fostering a vibrant and diverse academic discussion between scholars in Palestine and abroad. Palestinians should be leading the work being done on Palestinian Christianity, and not have to wait on Western institutions for their initiatives. Further, we expect this journal not only to advance discussions relating to Palestinian Christianity, but also contribute to global discussions in academia.



Encourage Palestinians and internationals to write academic research on Christianity in Palestine.

Nurture a culture of academic research, critical thinking and dialogue among Palestinian academics interested in Palestinian Christianity.

Amplify Palestinian Christian voices in the field of theology, global Christianity, contextual theologies, etc.

Engage with Arab and international readers and scholars.



The journal welcomes papers relating to Palestinian Christianity and Theology. We encourage papers to come from diverse academic backgrounds and disciplines such as the humanities, social and political sciences, etc. Cross-disciplinary papers are highly recommended.